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​​​​Nelson Fernandez Jr: Co-Founder and Operator since 1986

Pedro Martinez: Yard Foreman since 1992, with 50 years commercial shipyard experience.

Raul Almeida: Travel Lift Foreman since 2004

Gustave Montez: Sandblast foreman since 2001

James Nangle: Weld Foreman since 2012, with 45 years commercial shipyard experience

Gilbert Hernandez: Mechanical and Running gear Foreman since 1989

Frank Castro: Coatings Forman since 1986

Jorge Tomas Jr: Electrical Foreman since 1992​

Jairo Rocha: Carpentry Forman since 1987

Michael Kealy:  Purchasing Manager since 2011, with 37 years of purchasing experience.  

Vivian Davila: Office Manger since 2002

Jim Gossett: I.T. Manger since 1999

Lily Moncada: 
Human Resources Manager since 2012


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